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What is Task Engine?

Live difference with Task Engine on managing your team remotely.

Manage your team easily!

With user friendly modules and interfaces of Task Engine you can have one the best remote working experience and coordinate your team easily with no communication problems. You can assign task to your team members and follow up on those tasks easily. You can have many different reports with Task Engine like start / stop times, finish ratio, open cases etc. It is very easy to assign different tasks to different team members of assign same task to many of them with one click.

  • Calculate start and finish times of tasks.
  • Have an instant messenger only to be used inbetween colleagues.
  • Supervise all open and on going tasks..
  • Get detailed working hours report.

We know that you expect your colleagues undertaking tasks in given time. Task Engine can help you to oversee on going and open projects so you would know what are your team members doing, remotely and momentarily.


Easy Interfaces

Task Engine, has very easy to use and learn interfaces so you can adapt and start using quickly. It allows organisations can start work straight away.

Fit For All

Our the best solution so far, can fit for all, small or large organisations.

Time Control

You can let your colleagues and team members know when you expect they finish their tasks and you can check if they deliver on time.

Advanced Reports

In Task Engine we deliver best possible reports to fit for your business management style and we also give Smart Reports so you can extract your own report without any coding required

Keep in touch all the time

With the help of instant messenger always stay in touch professionally.

Task Engine enables you to have instant messenger facility you can have in between your team so you can always colobrate, help and even have a small chat with each other over remote coffee breaks!

You can have one-to-one chat windows as well as group chats so you have power of communication right in front of you.

Prepare your team's schedule rapidly

Task Engine's easy to learn interface allows you to learn and handle tasks very quickly. You can assign tasks to your colleagues and allow them to see their day-to-day plan straight away!

Team members can see their own tasks or group tasks on their dashboard.

Users can check all the details of tasks, read documents attached those tasks and even learn when they are expected to finish them.

If your colleague requires more information about the task they can ask you straight away from Pan Mail Window;.

Calculate daily shifts with one touch

When you login to Task Engine you can allow your colleagues know that you started working with clicking a button only. Shift Start, Shift Finish, or even Have A Break buttons will allow your colleagues to see what are you up to.

These figures are adding up at the end of working period so you can have list of worked hours easily.

Mobile Apps available

Task Engine apps are on Google Play and App Store so you can be in touch 24/7.


There are a few questions you might have about Task Engine, for others please do not hassitate contacting us.

  • Yes, of course! Task Engine is a desktop, web and mobile application. Depending on your package you can pick desktop or web versions and our web version is platform free. We also have mobile applications for iOS and Anroid on Google Play and App Store.

  • Eash team member can see their tasks as soon as they log in to Task Engine. When they click on "Start My Shift" button, it is their clocking in They can have breaks and click on "Have A Break" button and start back working again straight after. "End My Shift" clocks them out. Calculation of these hours will give how many hours they spend for you, every day.

  • Task Engine may have time limit for each task. You would know how long it takes to finish a task. There is also more professional option which allow you to take screenshots randomly and store on our servers so you can check what your colleagues are doing in their work hours.

  • In description box you can explain their task detailed. These can be included methods, applications, libraries or other information related to the task. You can also upload documents relating to it or send them links where they can find more information. If this is not enough, you can have a video conference so you can explain by words!

  • If a user enters some wrong information, forgets clicking on Start My Shift button or leave their system open even after their shift, you can amend these easily.

Task Engine

Task Engine is a development of Pandora X Software Studios. With Task Engine you can forget about pros of working remotely and enjoy having your team working from different locations.

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